Access Cricktet MMBox for MMS viewing

MMBox is basically a short form of multimedia messaging mail box. If you have a phone that does not support viewing of multimedia messages then you can Access Cricket MMBox to view the photos or videos sent to you. Multimedia includes photos, videos, animations etc. It so happens that many times we receive text messages with multimedia attached, using Cricket MMBox you can now easily not only view these MMS messages but can send some of your own.

Cricket MMBox is a service of Cricket Communications. Subscribers of Cricket communications can view this mail box anytime and anywhere by logging in online. For people who are non-subscribers they can also view multimedia messages on this website. But for that they will have to register to the website each time they want to view an MMS message by obtaining a one-time only password. They can then view the message in the multimedia viewer. Hence this service is available for both subscribers and non-subscribers and is very convenient. This article will tell you how you can Access Cricket MMBox for viewing and sending MMS.

About Cricket Communications

Cricket Communications is one of the leading mobile phone providers in the United States. It is also called Cricket Wireless. It is the 7th largest telecommunications provider in America. Its headquarters are situated in Atlanta, Georgia in the US. The parent organization of Cricket communications is AT&T. Cricket Communications was founded on 17 March 1999 and their founder was Leap wireless.

How to Access Cricket MMBox

To access Cricket MMBox you need to meet a few pre-requisites. You must have a laptop or a computer with access to the internet. Moreover it is better if you are Cricket mobile phone user because you are then eligible to make an account on their website. Also you should have your message ID login as well as you MSISDN number. Follow these steps for viewing your multimedia message:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the following link
  2. If you are a guest subscriber then in the space provided you should enter your MSISDN number. Then type in your message ID which would be given in the MMS alert text message you have received.
  3. After that click on the ‘login’ option.
  4. On the multimedia viewer you can view the multimedia message that you received.
  5. If you are a subscriber you can just login to your account and then enter your message code. You can then view the MMS. Moreover you can send someone a multimedia message as well.
  6. Cluck on the ‘save’ option if you want to download and save the multimedia you have received on your device.

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