Prepaid Current Balance Center To Redeem Your Codes And Much More

Prepaid Current Balance Center is a website where people with certain prepaid credit cards can find information about the card. The site is a product of Blackhawk Network, Inc. Users can redeem codes, create accounts and activate cards to attach to an account. The site provides detailed information about the card and how it can be used, such as locations it is accepted, where to call for support when there is a problem or to report a card that is lost or stolen. Recent transactions are available when the user is logged into the site, letting users keep track of transactions.

What is a pre-paid card?

A prepaid card can be an open-loop, or closed-loop prepaid card. There can also be re loadable, or non-re loadable prepaid cards, and some specialty cards, such as payroll cards or college ID cards.

  • An open-loop prepaid card is a card with a network logo on it.  Examples of networks are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. These cards can be used at any location that accepts that brand. Most prepaid cards have a network logo on them.
  • A closed-loop prepaid card is a card you can only use at certain locations.  For example, a closed loop card might be good only at a specific store or group of stores, or on your public transportation system.  Most closed loop cards do not have a network logo on them.
  • A reloadable prepaid card is a card you can add more money to. This type of card is sometimes called a General Purpose Reloadable Card, or GPR Card. Some cards start out as non-reloadable, but can be reloaded once you complete a registration process. Some prepaid cards are “non-reloadable,” meaning you can’t add more money to them.
  • A payroll card is a prepaid card you get from your employer that you receive your paycheck on.
  • A government benefit card is a prepaid card used by a government agency to pay certain government benefits, such as unemployment insurance.
  • Some college ID cards are also prepaid cards. Some colleges offer a “closed-loop” card, which you can only use to pay for things on campus. Other schools offer an “open-loop” card, which you can use at any retail location that accepts that network brand.

Advantages of using pre-paid credit cards:

  • No credit check
    A pre-paid card does not offer a credit facility – so they don’t credit check you. However, you will still need to provide acceptable ID and be a UK resident.
  • You’re in control
    You set your spending limit, not the card provider. All you need to do is top-up your card when you need to via text, phone, a Paypoint, the Post Office or by BACS transfer from your bank account.
  • Travel
    Pre-paid cards work in the same way as credit and debit cards, so you can also use them abroad. Prepaid travel cards are specifically geared for use outside of the UK. Cards are issued in specific currencies, so check that the card you opt for covers the currency you need.

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