Diversified Human Resources

Are you looking for someone responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers? If yes, look no more! Diversifies Human Resources will help you out. Their people can manage a plan, direct and coordinate the administrative to keep the machine going. The workers have the training to handle employee relations, training, and benefits. If you want to keep your employees motivates and energetic, HR can help you do so. For instance, if you want someone that can uplift your whole business with their people and first-class service, DHR (Diversified Human Resources) is the one you want.

About DHR (Diversified Human Resources)

DHR (Diversified Human Resources) was founded in 1996, in this short amount of time they have established an empire in North America. Their aim is to provide first-class HR services and solutions that enable efficiency and empower the employees. furthermore, all of their packages are very cost-efficient, they know how to make their clients happy. They claim; their professionals apply decades of human resources expertise and backgrounds spanning HR management, legal compliance, risk management, and benefits administration. The goal of DHR is to deliver HR services and solutions that are fashioned to suit your needs. The fact that more than 100 diversified human resources (DHR) are currently providing their services in North America, really says something, right?

DHR is so true to its name; their client range from white collar to blue collar; small, medium-sized to large. Their goal is to understand your HR challenges. Additionally, they will also look over the requirements you need to flourish your business. DHR (Diversified Human Resources) is actively involved with the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). Both of these organizations participate in each other’s affairs. Their HR specialists regularly participate in NAPEO’s government affairs efforts, including the passage of the law that establishes rights for the businesses.

Login Diversified Human Resources (DHR)

When you visit the login portal at www.mydhr.net, four option will appear on your screen.

  • Manager Login
  • Employee Login
  • SuperUser Login
  • Registration

If you click on the manager login, employee login, and superuser login you will have to enter your username and the password. Now you click login. If you are new to Diversifies Human Resources you can click register and do the following:

  • Enter your last name
  • Then enter your date of birth
  • Now, give them your social security number
  • Enter your current email address
  • Confirm your email address
  • Time to create a username
  • Create a strong password
  • When you have completed the above-mentioned task, press ‘continue’

If you are facing any issues logging into the account. click on this link. Enter your first name, last name, company name, job title, email, phone number and lastly, your message. Click ‘submit’. If you want to contact their offices, here is the number of their Arizona office: (480) 941-5588. You can write them a mail and send it at 1600 N. Desert Drive, Suite 125, Tempe, AZ 8521. If you want to contact their Colorado office, here is their phone number (866) 709-9401. Their mailing address is 1873 South Bellaire Street, Suite 910, Denver, CO 80222. Good luck doing business with them!

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