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Ever run a business and wonder how can i manage so much and still keep the workforce dishing out efficient work? well with EScreen you can do just about that. EScreen, is a technology-enabled Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that provides next-generation employment screening applications for hiring and maintaining healthy and drug-free workforces. Now what is a TPA? A third-party administrator (TPA) is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.  In this case it is technology enabled which lets it work faster and thus more efficiently.  TPA is a term also used to define organizations within the Insurance industry which “administer” other services such as Underwriting, Customer Service and the like. This can be viewed as “outsourcing” the administration of the claims processing, since the TPA is performing a task traditionally handled by the company providing the insurance or the company itself. Often, in the case of insurance claims, a TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. Thus, the employer is acting as an insurance company and underwrites the risk. The risk of loss remains with the employer, and not with the TPA. An insurance company may also use a TPA to manage its claims processing, provider networks, utilization review, or membership functions. While some third-party administrators may operate as units of insurance companies, they are often independent. There are several ways that eScreen differentiates itself from the competition. Most prominent among them is being the only instrumented point-of-collection test which delivers negative drug test results within 15 minutes, all while being controlled from a secure, paperless web platform. This platform gives employers total visibility of test data throughout the entire process, from employer to collection facility to lab and then to maintenance, repair and operations. You can get this amazing facility through EScreen Member Portal Login. This provides the ultimate planning solution to hire healthy workers globally, all through the internet. So naturally this means that the process is quick and efficient. EScreen Member Portal Login enables you to access all the data you need for your employees and inquire about further possible hiring. EScreen is important for one reason which is has a hefty weight to it and thus cannot be ignored. It helps keep the workforce healthy, this may seem like a understood idea but this is very important because many research papers have proved that to grow at a sustainable and high rate you need healthy efficient workers, that is where EScreen comes in.

How to get to EScreen Member Portal Login:

  • click on
  • punch in your username provided to you
  • add in your password provided with your username

and you are all set, but if you ever face a problem with your login credentials:

  • click on the Forgot Your UserName or Password button.
  • follow the steps to get your account running again

or if you have any trouble trying to login or are trying to create a account:

  • click on the buttons given below the dialogue box

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