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The VA program My Health VA (MHV) is the gateway to veteran health benefits and services. It provides access to trusted health information, links to Federal and VA benefits and resources, the Personal Health Journal, and now online VA prescription refill. In the future, MHV registrants will be able to view appointments and key portions of their VA medical records online, and much more! My Health VA is a powerful tool to help you better understand and manage your health. They offer three account types:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • PremiumVA

Basic Account

Anyone who registers on My Health VA starts with a Basic Account. This account does not require that you have your identity authenticated. A Basic Account provides limited access to features in My Health VA that you self-enter. You may use the journals and other tools to track your health measures. However, you cannot see your personal information located in VA or DoD systems.

Advanced Account

This account is only for Veterans and/or VA Patients. It is a higher level of access to features offered in My Health VA. It provides you the ability to view some information in your VA and/or DoD records. This account does not require that you have your identity authenticated. However, when you register as a VA Patient, your profile information is linked to VA/DoD records. When this happens, you are given an Advanced Account. If you are a VA patient, this type of account lets you refill your VA prescriptions online using My Health VA.

Premium Account

This account is also only for Veterans and/or VA Patients. It gives users the highest level of access to My Health VA features. To get this type of account you need to go through Authentication and have your My Health VA profile information (full name, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth (DOB) and gender linked to VA/DoD records. After you register, your account type will be displayed in the Member Login box.

My Health VA is the VA’s Personal Health Record. It is designed for Veterans, Service members, their caregivers and others. To use My Health VA, you will need a computer with Internet access – that is it! Accessing My Health VA can be at home or through public access like a library or Internet cafe. Computers may also be available to Veterans at your local VA Medical Center. Using My Health VA can help you gain a better understanding of your health status. It allows you to explore different ways you can monitor and improve your

How to login?

Just follow some simple steps and you will have your account in no time.

  • As mentioned above all you need is a computer with a internet access.
  • To login to your account click on the green login button at the right side of the page.
  • If you desire to register you may press the Register button.
  • If you have forgotten your password or username click on the respective button under the dialogue box i.e: Forgot USER ID for username and Forgot password for Password

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