Florida Health ToolKit to your rescue!

Don’t you want a health care plan that is is affordable, flexible and has an access to a lot of benefits? If yes, Florida Health Toolkit will suit you the best. They understand how hard it can be to a find a good doctor, dentist, and pharmacist. This is why they give you a platform where you can find a doctor, a hospital, dentist and a pharmacist with a vision and more importantly in your comfortable radius. The enrollment tools will help you find a plan that is best for you. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your health plan comes with ways and recipes to keep your health in check? Luckily, Florida Health Toolkit acknowledges the importance of good and healthy food. Hence, the cooking tips and recipes.

Nowadays, a lot of people are taking preventive measures to help the environment. For instance, they are cutting down the use of paper, and plastic. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your healthcare provider feels the same way? Florida Health Toolkit has a plan where you don’t get EOB (Explanation of benefits) on benefits, they send you all the information on your My Health Toolkit account. If you don’t have an account, don’t worry it is so easy to make.

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My Health Toolkit account login

Don’t have an account, don’t worry.

  • Enter your Insurance card number
  • If you haven’t received your insurance card number, click on “Haven’t received your insurance card?”
  • In this case, you have the Plan holder’s security number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Click ‘Continue’.
  • They will ask you for essential information.
  • Finally, you will have an account. Congratulation!

Benefits of Florida Health Toolkit

We all agree that making a right health care decision is very important. This decision will affect the health of you and your family and don’t remember your finances.

  • My Health Toolkit will help you manage your benefits.
  • You can research and compare your health care options.
  • Managing your healthcare financial accounts is very easy when you are using My Health Toolkit.
  • By using MY Health Toolkit you can get help concerning health care; all you have to do is click on AskBlue. This tool is designed to help members easily understand changes of healthcare reform and how those changes impact both themselves and their families.
  • My Health Toolkit gives you an option where you can access the list of preferred drugs and research drug costs. If you are a member you can see how much prescription drugs will cost and even compare the cost of generic against its brand name equivalent.
  • If you access Pharmacy locator it will give you the general listings of pharmacies that participate in most benefit plans. You can quickly and easily search them by entering your  ZIP Code, state or even the distance from a specific address.
  • The healthy vision provision allows members to locate vision professionals within the area using the EyeMed Provider Locator. This independent company offers vision provider networks on behalf of Blue Cross.

You will never find a healthcare plan with benefits like this one!

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