Easy way to make your LabBill Medical Payments

What if I tell you that you can manage and pay your medical bills online? Will it make a difference even a tiny one? To be honest, it will make my life easier. No more waiting for the mail to get the medical bill detailing, no more making changes in schedule in order to meet the payment deadline. The tiny cellular device in your hand will do the magic just visit www.mylabbill.com. LabBill medical payments make it easy to manage your medical bills online. All you need is to log-in and you will get access to your account details. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare provider, this can be very convenient for you.

About LabBill

Quadax Inc owns LabBill, and their aim is to improve the financial performances of industries by using the help of technology, as it will make them perform more efficiently. In this age, keeping up with technology is integral to keep the business running.

Benefits of using LabBill for managing medical payments as a patient

If you are a patient and want to have an access to your account, click on the option titled “Patients” on My LabBill page. After clicking on the option you need to give the following information:

  • Enter the access code from the bottom of your bill.
  • Your name.
  • Relationship with the patient
  • Date of birth

If you are successful in logging in then you will be able to access the following:

  • Your current balance
  • You can view your past payment
  • you can pay your bill
  • Claim the charges
  • Update personal and insurance information

Benefits of using LabBill for managing medical payments as a healthcare provider

If you are a healthcare provider or a healthcare facilitator and already have an account on MyLabBill then you can easily login. Furthermore, enter your email and password and you will have access to the following:

  • Make online payments
  • Dispute Charges
  • Check invoices and statements
  • Detailed account information

If you are not a member and would like to sign in as a guest, the company provides you the other option. Then click on the guest option, and you will have to give the following information:

  • Enter provider’s client code
  • Enter your invoice information
  • Click on the Login button and you will have access to the information.

All the information that you will provide on this homepage will remain confidential. The company takes the privacy of their clients very seriously. Additionally, the comfort of the client is company’s aim so if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or comments you can click on the “Contact us” and you will find a number that is (440)777-6300. You can make a call and tell the comapany what you want, they are open on Monday to Friday from 8AM-5AM, and on Saturday from 10AM-3AM. If you want to write them a mail, their email address is 21755 Brookpark Rd Ste I Cleveland OH, 44126-3200. You can share your inquiry via mail by sending it to the mentioned address. You can simply ask the question on their page. Fo that you have to provide your contact email, daytime phone, evening phone and your question.


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