Take This Mothercare Survey and Get a Chance to Win a £250 Gift Card!

Mothercare is a British brand that deals in clothes, toys and accessories for new born children to up to 6 years old. They have stores all over the world and have built a reputation for providing high quality and reliable children’s products. It is because they enjoy a trustworthy status in society that they are able to satisfy all their customers. They also have an online feedback system which is the Mothercare survey. The Mothercare survey gives the store insight into the customer’s perspective and allows them to identify their weaknesses and how they can be improved.


The Mothercare survey is open to all paying and nonpaying customers. It takes only a few minutes to fill and upon the completion, all individuals are entered into the monthly contest for a £250 gift voucher. This voucher can be used at any Mothercare outlet and is given to one person who is randomly selected through a prize draw. To take the Mothercare survey you will need a receipt or the survey invitation code from your last visit to the store. Follow these instructions to take the Mothercare survey and enter for a chance to win a gift voucher.

  1. Open the Mothercare survey website by clicking on the following link www.mylocalmothercare.com
  2. Indicate whether or not you purchased something from the store.
  3. If you purchased something then you are supposed to provide the 18-digit survey code, amount you spent and the time of your visit as it is mentioned on your bill. You can use the sample receipt image given on the website for guidance.
  4. For non-paying customers, the code given on your survey invitation has to be entered to begin the survey.
  5. Once you have verified this information proceed to the survey and answer the questions as candidly as possible. Remember, that a negative response will have no effect on your chances of winning the gift voucher.
  6. At the end of the survey you will be asked for your contact information. Make sure that you enter valid information because this is where you will be contacted in case you win the prize draw.


The Mothercare survey asks questions related to the shopping experience at the store. You will be required to rate the products, services and staff on a relative scale. You can also use this chance to register any complaints or provide any suggestions to the company.

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