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Nike is an American company that has over 1,000 locations around the world where it operates. Nike has become one of the most well-known and popular brand name in the world. The Nike brand and its signature symbol are related with athletic wear such as exercise clothing, sports equipment, sports shoes, and other exercise related equipment as well. Their products basically help people reach their mental and physical well-being by being active and productive. The company continue to add more and more products to its line and each year you get to discover products related to intense apparels, sporting and other type of merchandise for both men and women. They have now added children’s wear to their line as well and they also produce equipment for skateboarding. Nike was basically built on one mission. They wish to make people’s lives healthier and more fulfilling to live. This way they are able to reach out to their customers. Another way that Nike has adapted for hearing what their customers have to say includes their newly launched Nike Korea Survey for their customers in South Korea. This way Nike is bringing their customers an easy to complete online survey so that they can collect their feedbacks and stay closer with their customers. The process of taking the Nike Korea Survey is hassle free, simple and quite straightforward and that is just what you’ll notice when you will follow our guide.

Nike Korea Survey Reward

When you will finish the survey for Nike South Korea, you will get a chance to win a discount code that you can use when you visit Nike South Korea the next time. This discount code can only be availed on a certain amount of your next purchase.

Nike Korea Survey Instructions

Care to follow a survey guide to finish your survey response with us? You can hold on to this because in this section we will be teaching you on how to complete your survey responses with absolute accuracy.

  • In order to access the survey page, you can click on and it will open up in your browser.
  • Now you will enter the survey code in its box from the receipt.
  • Then you will select the date of your visit and time of your visit as it is printed on your receipt.
  • You can click on Continue.
  • Now you can begin to answer your survey questions based on your recent experience.
  • Submit

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