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Rain International is a health MLM company that specializes in seed nutrition. With a growing need for healthier products which can be consumed safely and quickly Rain International has it all. On top it offers a income opportunity, so if you want to be healthy work for yourself and earn from the comfort of your home, then read below.


Currently, there are two products: “Soul” and “Core“. Soul is the flagship and original product, and its efficacy is based on three ingredients: black cumin seed, chardonnay grape seed and black raspberry seed. Rain International has based its business on the potential of seeds to deliver health benefits. Let’s investigate the health claims made by Rain International (RI) by analyzing the body of data scientists have so far produced on these three seeds:

Black cumin seed

There’s a very long history of black cumin seed being used in traditional medicinal systems all over the world. Native to south and southwest Asia, it is believed by proponents of alternative and traditional medicine to be a “miracle spice”.

Nigella sativa

The seeds come from a flowering plant called Nigella sativa (N. sativa), which is classified as a “medicinal spice”. The spice from the seeds is also used in Indian and Middle Eastern food, although it is a separate plant from what we commonly know as “cumin”. Interestingly, it is an ingredient in string cheese. But the medicinal value is what we’re after, and this has been and is currently being tested by scientists who seek to pin down and harness Nigella sativa’s potential for treating human disease. So far, the outlook is very promising but more research on humans is needed.

Antibacterial activity

Since the main claim of Rain International is that black cumin seeds protect the body from illness (“health challenges”, as they put it), let’s see how these claims hold up. Indeed, one of the clearest benefits observed in labs was the antibacterial activity of ground black seeds. In the research, this benefit was attributed to the presence of thymoquinone (TQ) and melanin.

Antifungal activity

N. sativa has also been found in lab mice to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans, a fungus. This supports the traditional medicinal claims of N. sativa as a treatment for fungal skin infections. It can rightfully be called an anti-yeast agent. As an anti-schistosomiasis agent N. sativa was also shown in labs to have an adverse effect on parasitic worms in the liver and intestines of mice. This was due to the strong anti-oxidant properties of the compound.

Antidiabetic Activity

N. Sativa was shown in labs to significantly reduce blood glucose levels ( that’s a desired effect for diabetics) and to increase insulin levels (also a good thing). It must be combined with a-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, and it has not yet been proven which compound is the key factor in these results. Like the other studies we found, this has only been proven in lab animals.

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