Get special rewards and Cash discounts with Pilot Flying J MyRewards!

Tired of eating the same old airplane food over and over again on your tiring journeys? Now Pilot Flying J is offering high quality meals to its customers at a discounted price. So enjoy delicious food on your long journey and earn rewards for eating at the same time! With offers you can get more good food and save a lot more money.


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Guide to Pilot Flying J MyRewards

Depending upon your requirements you can apply for 3 different types of my cards at Pilot Flying J. These reward cards include Professional driver, preferred customer and RV customer. Each card has its own special offer and unique benefits to cater different needs of customers, but all of them have 1 thing in common; they will all save you a ton of money. Visit the official site right now and apply online.

The following are the different types of rewards of each card:

  • Professional Driver rewards: These rewards include 1 point per gallon of fuel and 1 shower credit per 50 gallon fill up or ½ credit for 14-49 gallon fill up. Not only that but you also get redemption points for food, merchandise, travel centers and restaurants, also special pricing, sweepstakes entries and $7 off dumping fees.
  • Preferred Customer Rewards: This rewards package includes special price and offers in stores and restaurants, sweepstakes, birthday rewards during your birthday month etc.
  • RV Customer Rewards: This includes $0.03 discount of fuel, $5 off dumping fees, special offers in stores and restaurants, birthday surprises, and special deals for you.

If you have a My Rewards Card, you can sign in and check your special offers and rewards online.

Follow the steps below to apply for a My rewards card online:

  • Visit the following link at
  • Once you are at the link please select your preferred card and click on “Register Here” option.
  • Press “Click Here” below the sign up option to get started.
  • Press “Yes” option to proceed
  • Now you must enter the identify account; the numbers printed on your card.
  • Correctly enter the security check
  • Input the activation email and press start over.
  • Just simply follow the instructions to complete the application.

About Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J was founded on September 1 2001, also known as Pilot Travel Centers; is a chain of truck stops in America and Canada as well as the largest purveyor of of over-the-road diesel fuel in the United States. 

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