Easy access to Sheetz Benefits Portal Login

If you are from Altoona or Pennsylvania, you are definitely familiar with Sheetz store. The store is family-owned and their aim is to provide convenience to the customers. Nowadays so much is happening at once, we are doing one task and thinking about three other tasks at the same time. We as humans deserve some break. Imagine you are going to a business meeting, midway your car breaks down, you stop at a gas station and decide to buy some snacks. Next, you enter the shop and the shopkeeper is not paying you any attention, will it not upset you? Sheetz on the other hand, care about their customers. You stop at their shop and you will have the best experience. Plus, they give you benefits and to enjoy them you need to access Sheetz Benefits Portal login at www.mysheetzlife.com. Next time you are nearby Sheetz, do visit them when in need.

Benefits of Sheetz Card

Next time you are at a Sheetz store, get yourself a new, non-active card. You can log in by using www.mysheetz.com to get a lot of free stuff and interesting deals. Once you have logged in and you have a validation from the company; a door of benefits will open for you! You can check your Sheetz card balance. Get a discount on gas, just by swiping the card. You can even track your food credits, they have a whole bunch of rewards to make you happy.

Easily access your Sheetz Benefits Portal Login

Sheetz is to too good; even if you don’t have a card and you login to www.mySheetzlife.com you will get rewards, ain’t that exciting! Sheetz will set you up with a virtual card, full of rewards, in case you do not have an access to the physical card. You can always buy a physical card at your next stop. If you want to get rewarded follow these simple steps:

  • If you do not have a card click on the “I Don’t Gotta Card” option.
  • They will ask you to enter your email address.
  • Select a unique password for yourself.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Followed by your last name.
  • Type your current living address.
  • Enter Zip code.
  • Then enter your mobile phone number.
  • Enter your birthdate.
  • Select your Gender.
  • Click “Create My Account”, if done.

If you have a physical Sheetz card already then you are awesome, and you only need to follow these four steps:

  • Enter the 16-digit number from your card.
  • Then enter 4-digit activation pin (you have to scratch your card in order to get the pin, love this part!)
  • Give them a proof that you are not a robot, by checking in “I’m not a robot”.
  • Click “Next” and boom! You now have an access to Sheetz Benefits Portal login.

If you forget your password or you want to reset your password, visit www.mySheetzlife.com. In case you are facing any problem you can call the company at 1.800.487.54444. Okay, now it is time for you to enjoy the rewards!

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