View Your LabCalls Test Results Online Through the TeleVox Software

Retrieving LabCalls Test Results

LabCalls is an online system that allows patients to retrieve their lab test results. It was created by TeleVox Software, Inc. The system was designed to give people access to their test results as soon as they are shared by the doctors. The users only have to enter their client number and login information to view their lab test results. One of the important benefits of LabCalls Test Results is that it makes it convenient for the patient to retrieve their medical records. It is very difficult to schedule appointments with doctors and most operators keep you on hold for a long time before you are connected with the person who has your results. The LabCalls Test Results allows you to get the information as soon as it is entered on the online system.

Who is TeleVox Software, Inc?

Televox Software, Inc is a software company based in Mobile, Alabama. They are an affiliate of the West Interactive and specialize in technology solutions for the medical community. The company develops software that overcomes the doctor-patient communication gap, sends appointment reminders and automates the lab test result retrieval process. TeleVox is serving the hospitals, blood banks, health care facilities, doctors, dentists and orthodontists in USA.

How to View Your LabCalls Test Results

You will need a computer and access to the internet.

You must also have recently undergone lab tests at a medical center or with a doctor that uses the Televox LabCalls system. You will be provided with a Client Number, Client Login and PIN by the health care professional that conducts the tests.

  1. Open the LabCalls Lab Results website by clicking on the link
  2. Enter your Client Number, Client Login and PIN in the fields given and then click ‘Login’ to continue.
  3. All the lab reports will open up on the page for your viewing.

If you are using the LabCalls Test Results software for the first time then you will have to install the software on your computer. For this you can follow the instruction given on the LabCalls official website.

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