Use The Home Depot HR Association for All Your Employee Self-Service Needs

What is the standard by which you measure the employee’s level of happiness at their work place. Home Depot is one of the largest corporations in the world and they give their employees the same level of importance they place on their customers. The The Home Depot HR Association was created as a mature and well-rounded system for the company’s employees where they can go online and fulfill all their human resource needs. This system helps employees solve all their problems while sitting at home.

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How to Access The Home Depot HR Association

When you visit the website by following the link you will be presented with several different options. You can access your schedule, benefits, and the self-service menu. When you have selected the page you want to visit then you will be asked to enter the store number at which you work. The user ID and password has to be entered to log in to the account. These accounts can be managed by the employee based on their own needs.

Employees can manage their schedule by using the resources given on the website. The Home Depot HR Association also provides details on the benefits they provide to their employees. There is also a Care/Solutions for Life tab which is for all full-time and part-time employees of Home Depot. This includes scholarships, grants, parenting resources, elder care, legal and financial resources. You and your family members can enjoy these services.

From the self-service menu on the page you can manage the tax account and print the historical pay as well as tax statements of the company. You can view the summary and change the tax withholding status, activate your direct deposits and get information on it as well. Once you have understanding and know how to use the complete system you will be at ease because of the time it saves.

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