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Wouldn’t it be fun to be a member of a crew which is hard-working as well as fun-loving? Now imagine you are working at a place and come with loads of benefits, very dreamy right? Fortunately, it is all true! If you are a crew member at Trader Joe’s or if you were a crew member at Trader Joe’s, we have a good news. Without wasting any more time, log in to Trader Joe’s Member Portal, it is time for you to enjoy some perks!

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About Trader Joe’s

At first, the Trader Joe’s was only a small chain of convenience stores called Pronto Markets. It was not until 1967 when the founder decided to name it differently, and changed the name to what it is today-Trader Joe’s. As the time passed, the stores became larger and the walls got decked with cedar planks. The employees groomed with the company as well.

The aim of Trader Joe’s is constantly improving the crew by adding more hard-working and fun people. What we see today is that they all share a passion for food, learning, and creating a wonderful environment for other people. Whether you are a current or a former crew member, will consider your needs and benefit you.

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 Log in Trader Joe’s Member Portal

If you are a current crew member, do the following:

  • Log in to Trader Joe’s member portal by entering your crew member number
  • Now enter the last four digits of your social security number into the proper boxes.
  • Then click sign-in.

If you are a former crew member, there is a separate button labeled ‘Click Here’ for you to press. Trader Joe’s know how to take care of its crew members if you are a former crew member of Trader Joe’s and would like to print out a copy of your W2 form.  You can log in and retrieve it, all you have to do: enter your crew id number as your username, which can be found on your paycheck stub, and use your date of birth as your password.

If you are facing any issue while logging in do the following:

  • Look for the under tools drop down to access the Internet option
  • Now in Internet options window, you have to select the ‘Security’ tab
  • Go on and select ‘Trusted sites’
  • Now click on ‘Sites’
  • Copy and paste into your list of trusted sites
  • Lastly, you need to close and then re-open the browser to refresh
  • See if the data is changed or not

Furthermore, in case you have forgotten your password and or you want to reset your password. You can easily contact the Human Resources department and they will love to help you out. Let it be clear that  It will take one full business day to process and the business days are the weekdays from Monday to Friday. After your password is reset to the default, which is your date of birth, remember to enter it in the following format: mmddyyyy and try not to forget your password.

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