Activate Netflix and enjoy a free month trial

All the latest television shows, movies and documentaries in one place? That sounds too good to be true. However, this isn’t too good to be true for our committed Netflix users! You can get all this, and more, in amazing quality, whether you want to stream or download an episode to watch later, only on Netflix. Plus, this is not even the good part yet – all you need to do is to Activate Netflix right now and get started with a free trial for a month. There is no stopping you from watching all that you need to catch up on now. Wait, there is more. Netflix brings you all of this without the need for you to watch even a single commercial or advertisement! How great is that? So quit waiting and lazing around, and Activate Netflix right this moment because your treasured TV shows are not going to wait for options

Netflix history

Founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, Netflix has since then been entertaining its audience and viewers in the United States. Head quartered in Los Gatos, California, Netflix offices are also found in Brazil, India, Japan, Netherlands and South Korea and have their connections now spread over a whopping total of 190 countries over the world. Along with streaming and downloading opportunities all over the world, Netflix distributes DVDs in the United States through an efficient mailing system. Owning an enormous collection of around 126 TV shows and films, Netflix became the first online source to provide such an extensive content to it’s viewers. To make things even more convenient, Netflix gives you the opportunity to watch anything you want on your laptop, computers, Android phone, iPhone or iPad. Among the Netflix Original series (produced and distributed by Netflix), we have Orange is the new Black, House of Cards and Stranger Things. netflix movie gallery

Activate Netflix with these few steps

The only requirements you need to fulfill to Activate Netflix right now is to own a computer or a laptop with an internet access. You must also have your own email address.

  1. Visit the Netflix page using the link
  2. Read below and next to where it asks “New to Netflix?”, there is a “Sign up now” option. Click on that.
  3. As another page appears, click on “Join free for a month”.
  4. Now, there are three steps to finally Activate Netflix. First, choose your plan from Basic, Standard and Premium. Each of these plans have different things to offer you so choose accordingly. Then click on “Continue”.
  5. The second step is to enter your email address and password. Click on “Continue” after you have done that.
  6. The final step shows you the options of how to pay but do not worry because for now, you have a month free trial on Netflix!

To cancel your subscription to the free month trial, Netflix is going to remind you three days prior to the end of your month. For any further queries or questions, visit

Enjoy your all time favorite TV shows on Netflix!

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