Earn Money by Orange Recycle & Reward program

Do you have an old Orange phone you do not use anymore? Are you bored of your current Orange phone and want to buy the latest phone? Is you Orange phone out of order and you plan to throw it? If yes, then there is good news for you. You do not need to throw your old phone away to buy a new one. Instead you can use the Orange Recycle and Reward program to return back your old Orange phone to the company. When you return your phone back to Orange you will get paid for it as a reward. The money you get is dependent on the condition in which your phone is when you return it. You can get up to 250 pounds as a recycling payment.

This article will tell you how you can participate in the Orange Recycle and Reward program. This program is very beneficial for orange customers as they get a value for their old phone no matter how old it becomes. You can send your old phone via free post which is very convenient and easy. The Orange Recycle and Reward policy implies that if your phone is in working order, good condition and has commercial value then you will get more money for it and that phone will be revamped and used for developing countries. All the data from your phone will be removed for its reuse.

In case your phone has lost its commercial value and cannot be used it will be dismantled and recycled. Hence not only do you become environment friendly by using this program but you also gain extra money to add up and buy a new phone. Participating in the Orange Recycle and Reward program is very easy and will only take a few minutes. So register now and benefit from it.

About Orange UK

Orange UK is a mobile network operator as well as an internet service provider in the United Kingdom. This company was established in Bristol in 1993. Its parent organization is EE Limited. It started with providing services only within the United Kingdom. But now it has become international with around 175 million customers worldwide across the five continents. T-Mobile UK and orange in 2010 formed a joint venture called Everything Everywhere EE limited and became the most used network in the UK.

How to participate in Orange Recycle and Reward Program

You need internet and computer for this as well as you should be an Orange user. Follow these steps for participation:

  1. Go to this link http://www.orangerecycle.co.uk/
  2. Enter the model and make of your phone in the required area. If you do not know the model or make of your phone then type *#06# on your phone and you will be informed about it.
  3. Click on ‘search’ to know your phone’s value.
  4. Pack your phone in the recycling bag received from orange and send it by post to the company.
  5. After 7 seven days you will receive your payment.

Further links

  1.  Orange Mobile Website: http://www.orange.co.uk
  2.  Recycle & Rewards Home Page: http://www.orangerecycle.co.uk/
  3. The Orange Recycle & Rewards FAQ: http://www.orangerecycle.co.uk/information/faq




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