Join Pokémon Trainer Club and level up your Pokémons!

Gotta catch ’em all! All our childhood we have grown up wishing that somehow we could, one day, get our own Pokéball and catch Pokémon ourselves. Even the people who were once young, and are now too “old” to get excited over cartoons, still secretly wish for a Pikachu to light up their life. But do not worry, for we have a solution for all your Pokémon cravings! You can now become a part of the Pokémon Trainer Club by simply going to and start to live in the vibrant world of different Pokémon online. To create a feeling of ownership before starting to play the game, you can create your own character who will be depicting you in the world of Pokémon. Being a part of all this, it must be known to you that in order to develop the Pokémon that you own, you need to go to the Pokémon Trainer Club so you can excel at the game. Only by doing this can you fully enjoy the following perks that come along with it.

  • As a trainer, you get tokens that are earned over time.
  • Your can let your scores be displayed on the website board to be viewed by other people.
  • Take a part in the fiery Pokémon tournaments to show everyone the competition you have brought with yourself.
  • Stay updated with all the upcoming news about the Pokémon world.Pokémons

Don’t know what is Pokémon?

Having its origins in Japan, Pokémon was brought into being in 1996 to be played on the Nintendo Game Boy. Developing into a worldwide sensation in no time, Pokémon started appearing in the form of cards, online games, books, toys and what not. With the ever famous Pokémons like Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and more, Pokémon games were bound reach the highest grossing video game, after Mario (also created by Nintendo). The most loved Pokémon, by the majority, being Pikachu, it was turned into the official mascot for Pokémon. Initially only for Game Boy, Pokémon can now be played on Game Boy Advance, Android devices, Wii, Nintendo Switch and more. It’s latest release was Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, in November, 2017. Pokémons

How to join the Pokémon Trainer Club

First of all, make sure the email address you use to join the the Pokémon Trainer Club is valid and used by you. Then get a hold of a laptop which has an internet accessibility.

  1. Click on the following link
  2. At the left of the website’s homepage, you will see a bar which gives you options. The second option says “Join”. Click on that.
  3. Enter your date of birth and the country you live in, then click “Continue”.
  4. Type in your username, password and email address. Also, choose a Screen name that you will be using for yourself.
  5. Read through the Terms and Conditions and tick mark the box.
  6. Now after one, tiny verification step, you have joined a Pokémon Trainer Club!

For questions regarding the website or the procedure, click on

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