Regal Crown Club Rewards! Become a member & earn rewards

A big fan of the movies? Love to watch your favorite releases on big screen while chewing popcorn; visited any REG theatre? Trust me you wouldn’t want to go to a REG theatre without a Regal Crown Club card because with this you get rewards; I mean like who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite superhero movie and get rewarded for it! You could use your credits to redeem reward vouchers which can mean you get free popcorn, free candy, or maybe even a free movie ticket and much more. So not a member yet? Don’t worry join now and reward yourself.

reward yourself

Instructions to join Regal Crown Club Rewards

Membership to the Regel crown club is open to all individuals 13 years and older who live in the United States of America, along with Saipan, Guam, American Samoa and as well as the District of Columbia. Members can pick up their free Regel Crown Club membership card at any REG theater near their location. Members have the option of either picking up their card from the REG theater first and then activate and register it online or they can activate and register it online first and go to their nearest REG theater to pick up their card.

Online Activation and Registration is free

  • First you must go to For members they need to login with their email address and password so they can review there rewards as well as manage account settings and keep track of points.
  • Go for email notification in case of special offers. You must answer a few questions about yourself, your favorite theater etc.
  • Once done click “Send Verification Email.” An email will be sent to the email address you provided and you must confirm by clicking the link in your email to activate your account.
  • Visit any Regel Entertainment Group theater to pick up a card and then log in to your Regel Crown Club to enter your card number and now you can keep track of your credits and rewards.

Congrats now every time you spend money on food items or ticket purchase at the box office or ticketing kiosks can earn you a credit. Just present your Regel Crown membership card upon purchase to the cashier. You have a limit of max 20 credits per day. The best part is that the credits you have earned will not expire so rest assured. Once you accumulate 10,000 or more credits you may qualify for elite status which embezzles you the opportunity to receive a special Regal Crown Club card on top of that a special elite status reward package with promotional items, various gifts, prizes etc.

Credits can be used to Redeem reward vouchers.

About REG

The Regal Entertainment Group is a massive movie theater chain which is currently operating in 42 states and other territories in the United States. The REG group operates three major brands Regel Cinemas, Edward Theaters, and United Artists Theaters.

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