Shopko Survey for your convenience

Why would you need to fill out a Shopko Survey

You now have the chance to fill out a Shopko Survey. By filling out their survey, you will be able to give them your true opinion as to how you feel about their services. Not only will you be doing them a favor, you will also get a chance to win something for yourself. They are giving you the opportunity to win a $250 gift card from Shopko. You will be able to use this gift card when you visit Shopko next. So stop wasting your time now and get your name entered into these sweepstakes. Try your luck with Shopko because everyone will be benefiting with you completing the survey. It is hardly going to take you ten minutes.

About Shopko

Shopko is a retail store where their customers are able to get a variety of stuff. From clothing items, footwear, beauty products, jewelry to electronics and other houseware products, everything is covered by them. This store was first started in the year 1962 by James Ruben. Their headquarters are located in Greenbay, Wisconsin in the United States of America. They have their outlets in many areas of the country and have almost covered every state. 

How to fill in a Shopko CRSurvey

You are going to need a few things before you start filling out the survey. First you will need to get your hands on a computer, laptop, tablet or your mobile phone on which you can get a good internet access. The second thing that you will be required to have is the store receipt or a survey invitation so you have all the information to complete the survey. Now you just have to follow the steps that have been given below and you will be done with the survey in no time.

  1. To go to the survey site, click on
  2. Enter the store number and the receipt number from your receipt. These numbers will be located under the barcode on your receipt.
  3. Now you will have to answer the questions that have been given to you. Make sure that the answers you provide them are honest because they want to improve their customer service.
  4. Click on “Submit” after you are done with the survey. Your response will be recorded automatically.

If you have any more questions or queries, you can go to their website and get your questions answered.

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