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Let’s say that you are at a mall and you find something appealing. The next thing you know, you are handing over your gift card to the shopkeeper, and he says, ‘I’m sorry! There’s so credit’. In case it doesn’t happen again, we have a solution for you! Now you can keep a check on your gift card balance. We present you ‘Show card balance’, this will keep you updated on your current balance, Savvy connects administers ‘Show card balance’. So, next time you are shopping and want to buy something with your gift card, do it without any hesitation as can always check your balance.

About Savvy Connects

Savvy Connects is a platform for technology specialists. Their aim is to make a connection between their tech perks and distribution channels. They understand the nature of the relationship between customers and dealers. This is why they help merchants and businessmen in terms of technology so that the customers can enjoy items like gift cards and the connection with dealers remain as well.

Savvy connects is also careful about the confidentiality of their clients, and this one of the reasons they have more than 400 active programs. They are running multiplies of programs; connect core, connect direct, connect a drive, connect insight, connect extra and many more to cater the needs of their clients. Their mission is to make business easy for the customers and they work for your and their relationship as well. If you want to have any business with them, feel free to contact them at

How to access ‘Show Card Balance’

You can easily check your gift card balance by logging into the portal at It is easy to have an access to this portal by entering your access code. You can have your gift card balance by entering your access code on This login portal is powered by Savvy. Savvy provides customer engagement technology that helps merchants, businesses, and communities to recruit and retain customers.

In order to check your balance, all you have to do is enter your gift card number, followed by your access code, you can find it on your receipt or under the scratch panel on your code. If you want to make this work, you have to enter all of these things very carefully. In case there is an error you can refresh the page and start entering the numbers again. Once you have successfully done all of the above-mentioned steps, you will easily access the portal and check your gift card balance.

If you want to check how much money you have on your gift card, and much money of that money is left, you are in the right place. Savvy connects ‘Show card balance’ is quite popular amongst business companies. It allows you check your gift card balance from a variety of places,  such as Tragus, Rohan, Smyths, Apex Hotels, Lactose, All Bar One, Sunglasses Hut, Greene King, and many more! Next time you want to check your gift card balance you know where to go, happy shopping!

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