Simon Gift Card: Shop Till You Drop Now!

Do you know someone who really loves shopping at Simon? Or is it you there? Do you love Simon as much as we do? Well, get ready to be enchanted because we now have the Simon gift card that will help us shop for life without having to worry about repaying a credit card bill. Because with the Simon gift card, you pay and your money is cut from that gift card. And if you want to keep an eye out for how much balance you are left with, we have the Simon gift card balance check option. But hold on a minute – you have to read ahead to find out more!

Simon Gift Card

If you already do not know, Simon is a property group that was first discovered in 1993 by Herbert Simon, Melvin Simon and Fred Simon. With their headquarters in Indiana, United States of America, this corporation owns various real estate property and eve has regional malls, premium outlets, mills, international mall properties and lifestyle centers!

If you still have not had the chance to get your hands on the Simon gift card, you can simply go to and get yourself one. You can even personalize it with any picture you want and then select a suitable shipping method for yourself.

When you get your card, you should know that it will have the amount that you paid in it. With each swipe of the card, your balance will be cut. But you can enter more amount in it. Still, you need to know how to check your balance and for that purpose, we have the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Onn the page, you can scroll down a little and then click on the CHECK BALANCE hyperlinked text.
  3. Now you just need to enter the 16 digit card number
  4. Then enter the 4 digit (for American Express Simon card) security code
  5. Then clear the security check.
  6. Now hit the CHECK BALANCE button

And there you have it – stay updated!

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