Win $100 SmartCash Card With Smart & Final Survey!

When you’re shopping in your favorite store and come across a product that doesn’t satisfy you, or you receive a service that leaves you wanting for more, what do you do? You most likely ignore it and move on, but doing that means having to face a similar experience the next time. How can you ensure that doesn’t happen? You make your experience known. How? Through customer surveys. For instance, you can fill the Smart & Final Survey if you have something to say to Smart & Final. For your time, you will get a nice reward too. So, read on to find out all you need to.

A chain of food and supply stores, built in the form of warehouses, Smart & Final was founded by Herman W. Hellman, Bernard Cohn, and Jacob Haas. It became the company it is today through several mergers with other companies, as well as expansions. The company is currently headquartered in Commerce, California, with several subsidiaries.

Smart & Final Survey Requirements

Prior to beginning the survey, you have to make sure you fulfill all of the survey requirements. These include:

  • Your age and your legal resident status should be according to the policy of the company and the eligibility criteria of the survey. Make sure to read their age and legal policy to see whether you meet this criteria.
  • In order to take part in the survey, you should have made a purchase at Smart & Final. Also, keep your purchase receipt with you.
  • The survey is completely online, which is why you need a good internet connection so you can easily access it. You also need an electronic device on which you can open the survey.

Smart & Final Survey Rewards

If you take out the time to fill the Smart & Final Survey, you can enter the sweepstakes to win one of five grand prizes. What is the grand prize? A $100 Smart & Final SmartCash Card that you can use at any Smart & Final store.

Smart & Final Survey Instructions

If you are sure you fulfill all of the requirements mentioned above, then you can go ahead and fill out the Smart & Final Survey by following the given instructions:

  • Click on which will allow you to access the survey page.
  • First, select the date you made the purchase and enter the time of the purchase as well.
  • Then, enter the store number and transaction number. You will need to enter the transaction number twice for verification purposes.

  • After that, type in the Term number and Cashier Name in the spaces provided. All of this information is available on your purchase receipt.
  • Next, select your age and resolve the captcha.
  • Click “Submit”.

  • Answer a few more questions about your purchase and your experience with Smart& Final.
  • Submit the completed survey.

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