Making My Sprint Account Made Easy

If you are Sprint telecommunications customer then you can make a My Sprint Account. This account comes with lots of benefits for you. If you are looking for how to make your My Sprint Account then this is the article for you. As we will tell you the quick and easy steps that will help you register for you My Sprint Account. Making this account is very easy will only take a few minutes. Once you have registered your account you can securely pay and view your bills online. You can manage your Sprint account online from the comfort of your home.

Moreover you can also check your phone usage, manage your call and SMS packages, change your data packages, check the remainder amount of minutes or texts left in your package etc. You can also activate new phones on your account, change your account preferences and add new wireless services. Furthermore you can add new wireless services and keep your billing information and account information correct and up to date. Hence you can avail all these benefits by making your My Sprint Account.

About Sprint Nextel Communications

Sprint Nextel Corporation is an American telecommunications company. Sprint itself is a wireless telecommunication network owned by Sprint Nextel Corporation. It has about 52 million users and is hence the third largest wireless communication network. Nextel Communications purchased sprint network in 2005 and got its name ‘Sprint Nextel’. The company uses both CDMA and IDEN technologies to operate their wireless service.

How to make a My Sprint Account

Before you start making your account you need to make sure you have an internet connection, a computer and your phone at hand. Also you must be a sprint customer. Follow these steps to make an account:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Sprint website on this link
  2. Then click on the option of ‘current customer’. Choose the type of sprint account you have whether it is a personal account or a business account.
  3. Then on the upper right side of the screen there will be an option of ‘sign in/ sign up’. Click on it.
  4. Then nest to the ‘not registered yet?’ text you will see the option of ‘sign up now!’ click on it.
  5. Enter your Sprint phone number in the required space then and click on the ‘next’ option.
  6. After it create your username and password and enter it. Then go to the next step.
  7. Follow the rest of the directions shown to create your account finally.
  8. If you have any more questions you can check the links below.

Further links

  1. Sprint website:
  2.  Contact page:

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