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Did you recently order a phone or any phone accessory from sprint online? If yes, then whether you are planning to order some Sprint product online or if you have already ordered something, you can now check its online status from the comfort of your home. Sprint Order Online Status check is a service provided by sprint to its customers. No more ordering a product and wondering how long it will take to reach you. No more calling the Sprint hotline and asking for the status of your delivery. You can now easily and efficiently check the status of your delivery online through the Sprint official website.

In this article we will tell you how you can avail the Sprint Order Online Status Check hassle free.  It must be remembered however that your online delivery status can only be checked after 24 hours from the time you ordered your delivery. You can order a new phone or other phone accessories online from the sprint website. You can check your delivery status by just entering your delivery code. This way you can know when to expect your delivery at home and you can make arrangements to receive and pay for it on time.

About Sprint Nextel Corporation

Sprint Nextel Corporation is an American telecommunications company. Sprint itself is a wireless telecommunication network owned by Sprint Nextel Corporation. It has about 52 million users and is hence the third largest wireless communication network. Nextel Communications purchased sprint network in 2005 and got its name ‘Sprint Nextel’. The company uses both CDMA and IDEN technologies to operate their wireless service.

How to check the status of your online Sprint Delivery

To check your online delivery status you must have a personal computer or a laptop with access to the internet. You must also have your online delivery code. To check your sprint online delivery status follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the  Sprint online order status checking website at the following link  www.sprint.com/myorder
  2. In the space provided enter your Sprint order number. Remember to put the dashes between the numbers as it is. Also some order numbers include the letter ‘O’ as well so bear in mind to enter that too.
  3. Then click on the ‘go’ option.
  4. You can then review your order’s online status and check the results.
  5. In case you have further queries and questions about Sprint online delivery status or products you can always check the Sprint support website.

Further link

  1. Sprint online order status checking website: www.sprint.com/myorder
  2. Sprint Support website: support.sprint.com/support/

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