Switchboard Find a Person Service

If you are trying to find the contact information about a person or a business then you can use Switchboard Find a Person Service. This service is completely free and is accessible anywhere and anytime all across the United States. All you need to use this service is access to the internet. This service is basically like a large telephone directory with updated information about businesses and people across the country. The information includes phone numbers and mailing addresses of all the businesses and people in the US. Hence the website has a large database of public information.

Searching for a person or business at switchboard is very easy. You can carry out your search by name, address, city, street number or phone number. The more information you have about what you are looking for the more accurate the result will be and the easier it will be to find them through the Switchboard white pages. But not to worry even if you just remember their name or a general idea of the location where they are situated in you can still use that information to find them. There is also an option of reverse lookup that you can use. This option allows you to search for the name and location of a person or a business just by entering their phone number.

About Switchboard

Switchboard was founded in 1997 by a college student in Stanford. This is basically a brand name for whitepages.com. This online service has now expanded and has become a multimillion dollar business. Over 20 million customers use this website for their search purposes monthly. Switchboard is also used by businesses and organizations to lookup their employees’ biodata etc. Some of the major clients are MSN and US Postal Service. This directory is free for customers.

How to quickly and easily find a person using Switchboard

To carry out your search you must firstly have a computer with access to the internet. You must also have some sort of information about the person or business you are looking for. This information includes their name, phone number, addresses or the type of business it is. In case you are looking for a person you should have that person’s last name. Follow these steps to carry out your research:

  1. Go to the Switchboard website at this link http://www.switchboard.com.
  2. Then choose the option for the type of search you want to do. You can either do the reverse lookup by searching via the phone number. Or you can do the normal search using the name or the location of the person or business you are looking for.
  3. Enter the information you know in the required space.
  4. Click on ‘find’.
  5. Different search results would be shown.

Further links

  1. Switchboard website: http://www.switchboard.com
  2.  Help: http://www.whitepages.com/help

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