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If you are reading this, which you are, hopefully. The first question that arises in your curious mind is that what is Sync My Ride Account Login. One of the most precious possessions to us is our cars or atleast for me. We spend alot of time commuting so why not enjoy that to the most. Now coming on to what Sync My Ride Account Login is. Sync My Ride is an easy-to-use, in-car connectivity system that is available on any Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Sync My Ride allows the driver to operate most popular MP3 players, Bluetooth enabled phones and USB drives, all easily controlled by the sound of your voice. Now imagine all that hassle of trying to find the perfect song or picking up a call that is important gone through the exhaust. Not only this but you can get so much more from it. Any recall notification is put through to you from this app. Third party apps can also be controlled through Sync My Ride working on android or IOS. You get 911 assist through Sync My Ride which is a very good improvement given how things can get bad very quickly. Stuff like traffic information and route which is pretty standard comes with it but on top you get weather, news, stock reports, or hear your horoscope for the day and sports. And the most important feature to me is the vehicle health, which takes off so much load off of our shoulders, that it brings me to tears, happy tears of course. The Crew Chief application in the Sync My Ride provides real time vehicle location and maintenance tracking. Crew Chief can monitor numerous vehicle diagnostic functions including tire pressure, water in fuel, airbag faults and the check engine light. Users can also create alerts to monitor things such as excessive speeding. That is a lot. All of this can be done through your Sync My Ride Account Login.

How to get to your Sync My Ride Account Login?

it’s pretty simple, i will take you through it, holding your hand, because this makes you feel like a child with all the cool gadgets.

  • Click on
  • You will be lead to a page showing software update link, support buttons or Sync My Ride settings link. Don’t go that link or do, i’m not a cop
  • Scroll down and you will see the dialogue box type in your credentials and you’re in
  • If you don’t have a account then simply click on register and follow simple easy steps and enjoy all the cool features.

Who’s responsible for such beauty?

Ford president and CEO Alan Mulally and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announced the SYNC partnership between Ford and Microsoft at the annual North American International Auto Show in January 2007.

The Ford SYNC technology was promoted as a new product that provided drivers with the ability to operate Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and digital media players in their vehicles using voice commands, the vehicle’s steering wheel, and radio controls Later, new technology was added to SYNC in which text messages received by the driver are “vocalized” by a digitized female voice device named “Samantha”.


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  1. @AgileChrisYYC @StravaSupport I keep getting Server Error (400) when trying to sync my morning ride from the Strava Android app. Are any of your services down right now?

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