Take ALDI Survey To Win $100 Every Month

Wondering what ALDI Survey is? Do you often shop at ALDI superstore for groceries? If the answer is yes make sure you save your next shopping receipt at ALDI. Wondering why? Let me tell you, ALDI has started a new customer satisfaction survey to improve their services for you and in return you can win up to $100.goodluck

All you gotta do is take ALDI Survey online, so that they can know the response of their valued customers and improve their services to make your shopping experience a happier one. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the survey already and get your hands on those $100 every month.

$100 every month.

Requirements For Taking ALDI Survey:

Some basic necessities to take this survey online are as follows:

  • You need to have a PC that has an access to the internet.
  • You need to have a receipt from ALDI as you require that 11 digit code to enter the competition.
  • You ought to be 18 years of age or above and a legal resident of the United Kingdom

How To Take The ALDI Survey Online:

Taking the ALDI Survey won’t take much of your precious time. Just follow these below given instructions step by step:

  • Using your PC that has an internet access, open your web browser.
  • Now visit this following link to take ALDI Survey: http://www.tellaldi.com/.
  • Look for the 11 digit code on your receipt, enter this code in the required fields on the webpage and then click on the ”Next” button to continue.
  • So next you’ll be asked to take a customer satisfaction survey and give your response regarding your shopping experience.
  • Once you are done with survey, click on the option that says submit response.
  • Taking this survey will win you one entry into this competition called “Like ALDI, Tell ALDI”.
  • Keep in mind you read all the official rules and regulations by clicking on the link that says “ Terms & Conditions of the bottom left side of this page.
  • There will be two separate gift vouchers worth $200 given away each month.
  • These winners will be selected by random drawing. And the store in which you want to redeem your prize will be of your own choice.

About Aldi Ireland

ALDI is a Germany-based brand that is owned by two chains of famous superstores that deal in retail business. It was founded by Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht in 1962 when they took over their mother’s business. These are two brands mainly ALDI Nord (Left) and ALDI Süd (Right). They have a total of 10,366 in almost 20 countries and is currently providing employment to over 104,400 employees at  Aldi Süd and almost 58,179 at Aldi Nord. It is located in all the big countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

So don’t miss this amazing opportunity of winning up to $100 gift prize. All you need to do is take the ALDI Survey as instructed above.

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17 thoughts on “Take ALDI Survey To Win $100 Every Month

  1. I would like some one to tell me about a 11 digit code I have tried every code on recipt and I get invalid response

  2. Tried to take the survey but was told I have an invalid code. Seems like Aldi is having a problem!

  3. May 19th 2019. I too have tried several times and keep getting same message invalid. To bad I love this store.

  4. I would love to take the survey but the code does not work just glad we did not get but one dozen eggs that priced .59 cents a dz but at check out.78

  5. I have tried to do the survey, but they say the code is wrong–did it three times, whats up

  6. Gloria Norwood.., I have tried several times
    to no avail to type in the code from my receipt. Why is this happening????

  7. Same here. Last 6 receipts says the codes are not valid. Gotta go back to Walmart for their chance to win their surveys.

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