Share Your Experience By Taking the Shakey’s Survey!

Shakey’s Survey has been designed by Shakey’s themselves in order to measure your level of approval and then disapproval regarding the services they provide to you. As a customer, you have more insight into the quality of service you are actually getting from a company or a business. And so, you also know whether the products are good and worthy of their price range. When you will take the Shakey’s survey, you will then be helping the executive staff of this company him gauging your customer satisfaction level and then interpreting it. This way they will be able to understand that what they need to improve in order to help you out on your next and future visits while meetng your expectations. The company welcome both; positive feedback and then negative feedback. And each type of feedback is important to the business because it can impact on their future. So, in this article we are going to be mentioning what this survey is about, information about the company, the requirements that you need to fill, the reward you will be getting and lastly, how to complete the survey successfully.


Shakey’s is a pizza parlor that was discovered back in 1954 in a grocery store located in Sacramento, California. This franchise then expanded itself and quickly became known for its slogan “World’s Greatest Pizza”. This pizza parlor was the founding of Sherwood “Shakey” Johson.

Shakey’s Survey Requirements:

Now, before you can take a survey, you have to make sure you meet the requirements for it so that you can easily enter:

  1. You need to make sure you belong to the appropriate age group in order to take this survey. You can find that from the age policy of the survey.
  2. Then you need to make sure you have recently made a purchase from Shakey’s to be able to enter the survey with the invitation code from the receipt.
  3. Then make sure you have a device and a good internet connection because this is an online survey.

Shakey’ Survey Reward

When you complete the survey, you get a validation code that you can redeem from your local store.

Shakey’s Survey Instructions:

  1. Enter the survey by clicking on this link
  2. Provide you location number, receipt number, date and time of visit, purchased amount and email.
  3. Hit Enter to start the survey.
  4. Answer and rate statements according to your experience.

Finish and submit your survey response.

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