Town Shoes Survey Wishes to Get Your Response!

Town Shoes has its own official customer satisfaction survey now that is open and the portal is available online. You can provide your feedback and opinions to Town Shoes through their Town Shoe survey. You might wonder why you must do this and whether it is even necessary. Well, through these surveys you get a chance to let things off your mind and your chest. Often times keeping bad experiences to yourself can create a lot of negativity in your head and you can become biased. Which is why companies give you a chance to let them hear you so that they can do something about it. Once you allow them to hear your voice they take your feedback very seriously. Through their feedbacks the companies then come up with suitable plans to counter such problems. This way the next time you plan on visiting them you can experience something that meets your positive expectations.

Town Shoes

When you will join the Town Shoes survey online you will only be investing a few minutes of your time. This survey is only a page long so you do not have to worry about answering so many questions in one go. Most of the questions will basically require you to simply rate them according to your recent experience. At the end of the survey the good part will arrive. Here you will be able to get yourself into the reward program and you can take home a $1,000 cash prize through their prize draw!

What is Town Shoes?

Town Shoes is a company from Canada. This chain of Canadian shoe stores has been with us since 1952 and is currently a very successful brand. This company is also family owned and today it remains a legacy for the family that started it. They now have store in over 30 locations in Canada including Ottawa, London, Toronto, Barrie, Dartmouth and so on.

Town Shoes Survey Instructions

In order to begin the survey you can use this instructions step by step:

  1. Firstly you will be visiting
  2. Then you will enter the Salesperson number from the receipt.
  3. After that you will enter the total amount of your purchase.
  4. Then you will enter the date and the time of your visit.
  5. Once that is done you will enter the store number and the cashier number.
  6. Now hit the Enter button.
  7. After that you can start answering the survey questions.
  8. Once done, submit everything!


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