Get amazing discounts with Tesco Clubcard

When has it ever happened that a simple grocery store takes care of you and provides you with the best care that they can? That is extremely rare to find and you would agree to it because it is hard to argue with this fact. However, proving everyone wrong with the countless privileges they provide, Tesco has stepped up and has, without a doubt, become one of the most caring grocery stores of all times. Not only do they give their customers extremely reasonable prices of the products to begin with, they have also started a Tesco Clubcard that can give their loyal customers the opportunity to make their account online and keep a regular check on balance. By signing up for their emails, the people will get updates on new promotions that come up and get rewards. By collecting points when they purchase anything from Tesco, they can use those points to get a reward from the store and this is even more profitable for the customers having a Tesco Clubcard because when they subscribe for emails, they get a hundred points for free! So get yourself signed up because there is nothing to lose and only dozens of rewards and benefits for the people who keep choosing Tesco as their first choice.tesco extra

What is Tesco

Tesco is a multinational grocery store which was founded in 1919, in the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are now found in Welwyn Garden City, Herforshire, England. The founder of Tesco is Jack Cohen, although the current CEO of the company is Dave Lewis. Initially started just as market stalls, the company has now expanded itself and has opened more than six thousand stores in a total of fourteen countries, including Ireland, Hungary and Thailand. Always making sure that their customers are provided with the best of service, they have also introduced Tesco Clubcard which allows the users to get many advantages by owning the card. All you really need to be is a loyal customer of Tesco so you can avail all the perks and benefits by having the card.tesco club card

Sign up for the Tesco Clubcard emails

To sign up to get emails from Tesco, you need to have a computer with an internet access and you will also need to be an owner of the Tesco Clubcard. If you have both these things, just follow the steps below and start getting Tesco Clubcard emails.

  1. Go to the website of Tesco by clicking on and click on “Sign up to Clubcard emails” that will appear at the right side of the page at the bottom.
  2. As the next page appears before you, enter your title, surname, e-mail address, and your Tesco Clubcard number.
  3. In the case of you wanting to receive the regular marketing communication from Tesco Clubcard, you can tick the box next to it.
  4. After completing the steps, click on “Sign up” and you will have signed up for e-mails from Tesco Clubcard.

To go over the privacy policy of Tesco, go to their page by clicking on and read the points carefully.

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