Win €250 gift card through the Tesco Ireland Survey!

Tesco is the biggest and most popular grocery store in the United Kingdom. It serves its customers with a wide variety of products from fresh produce to household items and much more. They have established themselves as the retail giant they are today by creating value for their customers. It is through the customer’s feedback and comments that they have continuously grown and reached the status they enjoy today. The Tesco Ireland survey has been created to get to know what the shoppers expect from their shopping experiences and whether their expectations are met.

The Tesco Ireland survey is completely online and only takes a few minutes to complete. For each and every person that takes the Tesco Ireland survey, there a reward of 25 Clubcard points and a chance to win a €250 Tesco gift card. To take the Tesco Ireland survey you need to have the receipt from your last visit to the store as the contest and points are only open to paying customers. The receipt contains important verification information that you need to provide in order to begin the Tescoviews survey. You can follow these simple instructions to take the Tesco Ireland survey and get a chance to win the €250 gift card.

  1. Open the survey form by clicking on the following link
  2. Enter the 4-digit code as it is mentioned on your receipt. An image of a sample receipt is given on the website to help you locate the code.
  3. If you have a smartphone then you can use a QR-code scanner to access the survey directly.
  4. Begin the survey and answer questions about your last trip to the store. You will be asked to rate the products you bought and the service you received from the staff present there. The survey provides you the chance to register any complaints or provide any valuable comments.
  5. At the end of the survey you will be asked to provide your contact information. Make sure it is valid because this is where they will reach out to you in case you win the prize.

The €250 gift card can be used at any Tesco store all over Ireland. One winner is randomly selected each month through a prize drawing. The Clubcard points are loaded to your card within 36 days. It is important that you take the survey within 3 weeks of your visit.

9 thoughts on “Win €250 gift card through the Tesco Ireland Survey!

  1. Dear me Tesco ,
    For some reason or other you have stopped sending me my club card vouchers .
    I have not received these for the past year . This is very disappointing as I do most of my shopping at my local Tesco store .
    I assume you just gave forgotton about me or someone else is getting them .
    Can you please look into this matter or I will consider taking my business else where .thank you .
    My address is . The Kirk , Dublin road , castlepollard , co Westmeath I

    1. I shop in Tesco Mullingar every week always have all I need in store brilliant staff and service customer service excellent always very helpful,Always asked for my club card and offered a blue token which I always take because it helps so many schools and clubs,I have been shopping with tesco Mullingar every week since it opened and always found it great value and service,

  2. I have come to hate shopping in Tesco shop in Roselawn, Blanchardstown. There are so many charities stationed in the entrance to the shop. I can’t enter either side without being accosted for demands for my money. They do not tell us how much the CEO of their charity is earning. I suggest they go and work in your shop and give the charity their own money if they want. It is so intimidating it put me off going in when they have stationed themselves there.

    Another issue that upsets me about your shop is that when the collectors are not there dogs are parked there. We have no guarantee that they are not carrying disease and yet they are allowed in the entrance of a food shop.

  3. I hate shopping in Tesco Roselawn shopping centre, Blanchardstown. I find the continuous charity collections in the entrance very intimidating. I can’t go directly through either entrance in to the shop without being accosted by collectors. They do not tell us how much their CEO’s are earning. Why do these collectors not work in your shop and give them their own money instead of asking me to give them mine.

    Further I also notice dogs also in this entrance. We are not told if these dogs are free from disease or a danger to attack.

  4. I love Tesco’ I can get all the brands I like … shopped at roxboro limerick today met Therese who went out of her way to help ,,, such friendly service ,,, very enjoyable shopping experience thank u Therese

  5. The staff are who help me decide on shopping in Tesco
    I cant say enough as Im not young and the help I get is invaluable to me
    When I ask where to get some item they not only tell me but accompany me and then say can I do anything else for you?
    Recently a young man was going very fast and I asked him for something he stopped as if he had nothing to do, when I said sorry I can ask somebody elese he was so kind he said are you sure and was even apologetic towards me, all I can say is why would I go somewhere else Thanks to all the Staff and Happy Christmas

  6. I am away on holidays (from Dublin) in Thailand/Vietnam until the 6th April.
    Just got text that my wee phone (0858265506) “service suspended” as my credit limit has been ” reached”
    I have tried many times to top up on line many times without success.
    I pay monthly via my Bank (AIB).and will increase the amount as necessary to €20 per month if required.
    Can you help me please?

    Kenneth Burgess

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