Help TruGreen Change for the Better with TruGreen Survey (Expired)!

Everything in your life needs to progress and improve with the time; being stagnant means becoming outdated. Whether it’s your home that needs some home improvement, or your lawn that needs some maintenance, or a company that needs to improve in order to compete in the market; staying the same is often not the best option. So, when companies need to improve, what do they do? They turn to their customers and ask for their opinions to help them change for the better. TruGreen is one such company; it wants to hear its customers’ feedback through the TruGreen Survey so it can provide those customers with better services. You can read through the article to find out how you can do your part in helping TruGreen be better.

Founded in 1990, TruGreen is an American based company that provides lawn care maintenance and treatment services to the people of the United States. The company is currently headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and is owned by the parent organizations ServiceMaster and TruGreen LandCare.

TruGreen Survey Requirements

There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before you can begin taking the TruGreen Survey. You can read on below to find out what these requirements are:

  • The first requirement is that of your eligibility to take the survey. For this, you need to read the survey policy, especially as it related to your age and to your legal citizen status.
  • Secondly, you should have used TruGreen services or made a purchase, and you must have the purchase invoice or statement with you.
  • Finally, you need to have a working electronic device, such as a computer or laptop, with a good internet connection because the survey is only available online.

TruGreen Survey Instructions

Have everything you need to fill out the survey? Want to do your part in improving the company you love? Then, simply follow the instructions given below to start filling out the TruGreen Survey:

  • The very first step is to visit so you can access the survey page.
  • Read the welcome notice and enter the 4-digit Local TruGreen Branch Number in the given space.

  • Click the green arrow to proceed.
  • Then, enter the Customer ID, up to 6 digits, available on your purchase invoice.

  • Click the green arrow once again.
  • Provide your email address and click the green arrow to begin the survey.

  • Answer all of the questions given in the survey, according to your most recent experience at TruGreen.
  • Finally, submit the completed survey when you have answered all of the questions.

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