Feedback Survey With Reward at the End with United Dairy Farmers Survey!

Online customer feedback in the form of surveys is one of the major game changers for the industry. It connects a company directly with the customer by telling them how their customer feels about their product, their business and them. United Dairy Farm has also cracked the code on how to successfully connect with its customers- by establishing an online customer satisfaction survey. By filling the survey customers can provide their valuable feedback to the company and this can be done easily from wherever they want and get a reward as well. Hence, in this article we will be talking briefly about the company, the requirements you need to fulfill before you can begin with the survey, the reward you will get upon the completion of the survey, and finally the steps you need to follow on how you can complete the survey.

United Dairy Farmers was established in 1938 by Carl Lindner Sr.  and his four children, and is headquartered in Norwood, Ohio. The first UDF store was opened in Norwood, Ohio in 1940. UDF started as a store to sell milk but is now an American chain of shops offering ice cream, frozen yogurt, milk and other dairy products. Now UDF has around 210 stores throughout the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. UDF stores also offer coffee and gasoline as many also operate a gas station and a convenience store.

United Dairy Farmers Survey Requirements:

Before you can begin taking the survey, there are certain requirements that you must ensure are fulfilled. They are as following:

  1. You need an electronic device such a PC, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet.
  2. A stable internet connection.
  3. A recent valid receipt from United Dairy Farmers.

United Dairy Farmers Survey Reward

Upon completion of the survey you will be provided with a redemption code. Write this code down someplace safe and on your next visit present the code and receipt to get a discounted item.

United Dairy Farmers Survey Instructions:

  • To complete the Survey, open the survey webpage:
  • Enter the store number from your receipt.

  • Enter the date of your visit from your receipt.
  • You will need to answer additional questions like frequency of your visits, timing of your visits etc.
  • Then you will be asked questions regarding your experience with United Dairy Farmers, answer these honestly.
  • Fill in your demographics information.
  • Submit the survey.
  • Write down your redemption code.

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