Union Plus Credit Card Lets You Have a Comfortable Life!

88% people recommend the Union Plus Credit Card when surveyed for the best credit cards around. Why? Because it gives access to your account online and gets you free from paper statements and carrying cash all the time.

About Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus is a credit card designed specifically for union members and their families which has a range of benefits. There is an option to choose from different cards and it has online services as well. It is backed by union members and provides special grants in times of hardship.

Why Apply for Union Plus Credit Card?

There are a lot of features you can avail with the card.

  • You can choose from a variety of different credit card options to fit your needs. The different card types provide different benefits:
    • Cash rewards
    • Low intro APR
  • All cards have 24/7 phone customer service
  • $0 Fraud liability is associated with all cards incase your card gets stolen.
  • The annual card fee is $0.
  • After 3 months you are eligible for Hardship Grants:
    • Hospital Grant
    • Job Loss Grant
    • Disability Grant
    • Strike Grant
  • Rebates
    • AT&T from Union Plus
  • Discount
    • Teleflora
    • Union Plus Motor Club
    • Car Rentals
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services
  • Price Protection
  • MasterRental® Collision Damage Waiver
  • Online Account Access
    • Capital One Mobile App.
    • Website
  • You can pay your bills anytime and anywhere through the online services mentioned above, check your balance or see your statements and transaction history.

How to Apply for Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus Credit Card is not available for everyone. For you to get one you need to be eligible and the eligibility criteria for it is:

  • You need to be a in a respectable standing of a participating union and
    • be a current union member.
    • Retired union member
  • Family members of current union member can also apply but current union member should fulfil the above criteria of being in respectable standing.
  • Members of working America.
  • You should be resident of either of:
    • 50 united states.
    • Washington D.C.
    • S. Military location.
  • If you meet the above criteria, then go to https://www.unionplus.org/ click on the drop-down list icon on the top right of the page and click on ‘union plus credit card’ then on ‘Apply Now’.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, read the instructions and terms and conditions for the different type of cards and click ‘apply now’ on the one the best suits you.
  • Enter the required information – demographics and Union info.
  • Once you have the card delivered to you go to www.unionpluscard.com to set up your online account.


  • Click on ‘Enroll Now’ if you are a first-time visitor or ‘sign in now’ if you are a returning visitor.

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