USAJOBS: That One Place Where You Get Million Chances Of Employment

There are many sites where one can search for jobs. While various different types of jobs are available on these sites, there is but one field for which jobs are not easily available. Yes, these are the Federal jobs. To know their criteria, where to find and how to apply for them is a task in of itself. You can look for federal job employers on USAJOBS or you can look for employees. Here is the walk through of using this site yourself!

You can either type into the search bars. Add the details for the job you are looking for, from the position to the address of where you would like that job. Then click on search and choose one of the jobs from the available lists. You can scroll and click on the criteria that most suits you and that will guide you on your jobs options and how to apply for them.


If you have an account on their website, you could get email alerts when jobs are available or they can even help you find better jobs. To create an account;

  1. You first go to the site
  2. Then you click on create account
  3. Next you click on continue after you have read their terms and policies.
  4. You click on create account again
  5. Then you enter your email address, you will be sent a conformation link which you must click on to activate your account.
  6. And you add your username and password
  7. Click submit and your account has been created.

With this new account you can easily keep track of the availability of the jobs you prefer. If you are an employer you need this account to upload job opportunities as well as to answer applicants. With all of this, USAJOBS helps by providing an easy platform to federal jobs and this is that place where you can find them and advertise them. They allow you to upload your resume and highlight your job preferences so that you can find a federal job. They also train and guide you through the process by first explaining which jobs you can apply for as a civilian and which jobs you cannot the criteria among other options.

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