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Are you a Vodafone user? Did you recently receive a text saying that you have received an MMS but you can’t view it on your phone? Do you want to send someone a picture message but your phone doesn’t support such format? If that is so, then you can use Vodafone Get My Photo service to receive and send MMS. MMS are a short form for multimedia message service. Through this service you can now view MMS through Vodafone Get My Photo. In this article we will tell you how you can avail this service.

It so happens that someone can send us a photo, video, animations, graphics etc. Most phones that are not smart phone cannot view this multimedia. Hence through this service you can view what has been sent to you on your computer. What is more! You can also download this media and send a multimedia reply back as well. This way you can stay connected with your friends and family very easily and conveniently.

You will get a text message update when someone sends you a photo or some other multimedia. This message will have a code that is needed to open the picture message. It must be remembered however that the multimedia messages sent to the Vodafone platform are saved there only for 30 days. That is from the day you receive it the time starts. Hence you can view these messages online within these 30 days, after which the message will be deleted from the server.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is basically a British multinational telecommunications company. The headquarters of Vodafone are located in London. Vodafone gives their service to many regions of the world. Their services include mobile devices, accessories and phone price plans etc. Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania all have Vodafone services available. It is one of the mobile communications company globally by revenue. And by the amount of subscribers it is the second largest company.

How to view your multimedia message via Vodafone Get My Photo service

To view the multimedia message you require a computer with access to the internet. You must also be Vodafone customer and you should have received an MMS notification text. Follow these steps to view the multimedia message online:

  1. Go to the Vodafone website on this link
  2. Click the link at the center of the page to go to the Get My Photo log in portal.
  3. Enter you mobile number and the code you received in the notification text in the required space. Click on ‘log in’ then.
  4. You can now view the MMS that was sent to you.

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