Vodafone Get My Photo Guide

Vodafone Get My Photo is a multimedia service (MMS) offered to Vodafone customers. Through this service you can send and receive photos, videos and other such multimedia messages with ease. In case your phone does not support multimedia files then, you can use this service online using your browser. Vodafone Get My Photo option can make your life very easier with regards to receiving and viewing photo messages from friends and family.

Hence if your friends or family members have phones equipped with cameras then now they can share their moments with you by taking pictures and sending them to you via Vodafone Get My Photo. This article will guide you on how to use Vodafone Get My phone offer and share life events with the people you love.

Sharing photos is a great way to express yourself when words are not enough. With Vodafone Get My photo expressing yourself has not only been made easier but it is also free. Yes! You can view the photos sent to you and also reply to them with photos of your own. All this is done free of cost and sending these MMS does not take too long. Only a few minutes and you are done.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is basically a British multinational telecommunications company. The headquarters of Vodafone are located in London. Vodafone gives their service to many regions of the world. Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania all have Vodafone services available.

How to use Vodafone Get My Photo service

You must be a Vodafone user to avail this service. You must also have a laptop or a PC with internet connection available. Follow these steps to view the photos sent to you:

  1. If someone sends you a photo, video or any other multimedia, you will receive a text message on your phone. This text message will inform you that you have an MMS waiting for you to view through Get My Photo service.
  2. Turn on your laptop or PC and open your web browser. Then go to this link GetMyPhoto.Vodafone.co.uk.
  3. It must be remembered however that you have to view your MMS within 30 days since you received the first MMS text message. The multimedia will only be saved for that long on the server. After the stipulated time you will not be able to view the message.
  4. Once the website is open, you can see a space to fill in your phone number. In that given space enter your phone number.
  5. Then enter the password you received on your notification text, in the space provided.
  6. Click on login.
  7. You can now view the message that was sent to you, you can also delete, forward or reply to it. You can also send someone else an MMS if you want once you are logged in.

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